Welcome to the 2020 Metro Tulsa baseball Association summer season. With everything that’s going on this year we are very excited to finally start playing baseball. Based on the number of new players in the league this year and the turn out at our recent new player workout we can tell that a lot of people like me are excited to have Baseball- back. While we are excited to play, we are all obviously still concerned about COVID-19. This season we will lay out Some new protocols and guidelines. The best way for us to stay safe and healthy is to follow all these guidelines as best we can. If you have any questions or concerns with these policies please contact me. The league may add guidelines as the season progresses.

League rules-
1- No players post game handshakes or non baseball related contact. It will be tough but reframe from handshakes, high fives etc. I know this is en-grained in baseball but work to limit all non playing contact.

2- Players should keep the appropriate distance (6ft) at all times,
including batting cages and during pregame warmups

3- Teams should limit the number of players in the dugout to maintain social distancing when possible due to heat.

4- If a player is ill they should stay home. If you become concern speak with the league about a potential refund

5- No shared water/drink bottles

6- Players should refrain from sharing equipment

7- Absolutely no non-players in the dugout or bullpen

8- Upon completion of the game teams should remove all equipment and leave the dugout
immediately. If there are other games the new teams go directly to the outfieldto warm-up and not interact with previous teams.

9- Refrain from spitting (that will be hard) and chewing tobacco is prohibitedwithin the confines of the field.


We are hopeful our new player workout will take place on Sunday May 17th at noon. at Lafortune Park (61st and Yale). You must register to participate. You can use this link http://www.metrotulsabaseball.org/reg1/player-registration-form

You do not have to pay to work out but payment is Due by May 19th. You can check our FAQ's or email us.

Home teams will be on the 3rd base dugout & Visitors on the 1st base dugout.
No grabbing dugout of choice, if your team gets there early...

If you have questions, please email info@metrotulsabaseball.org

Any one interested that turns 18 by the end of the calendar year (no maximum age restriction) can contact the league for tryout information or form a team of their own. There are a broad range of ages playing (20's through 60's), so you don't really have an "age excuse" to prevent you from playing!.

We are affiliated with MSBL/MABL National and are an approved league. Part of your league fee registers you for national membership which includes Hardball Magazine subscriptions, post season play, etc. Check out their site HERE.