Rules / Bylaws

MTBA is affiliated with National MSBL and we will be going be the National MSBL Rules.  The national MSBL rules can be found by click on this link...
MSBL National Rules

Below are local MTBA rules that differ from national

1. Batting Line-up/Roster/Courtesy Runner

- A team must bat at least 11 positions (teams may a/b positions or shared batter) if that many players are available.
- If one team has less then 11 positions the opponent may bat the same number of positions as the other team. ex If team A has 10 players and team B has 12. Team B can bat 10 positions if they chose. However if a team adds a batter after the game starts the opposing team must as well.
- As stated teams can bat an a/b or shared position in the order as long as they bat the maximum number of positions or can use a shared batter spot.

-A team must have a minimum of 8 players to play a game. In the event a team has 8 players they will take an out every time the 9th player comes to bat. If a team falls below 8 players it is considered a forfeit and the game is over.

-If a team starts with 9 players and falls to 8 players for any reason an out is taken the first time that player comes to bat

-If a player has to leave for any reason (work, ejected, injury) but his team has at least 9 players no out is taken as long as his team announces it before the at bat.

-Teams may get subs from other teams to play however these subs may not pitch, must bat at the bottom of the order and subs cannot extend beyond 11 total players

-Only the starting pitcher may re-enter the game to pitch 1-time as long as he did not leave the game due to injury and his replacement received extended warm up. Teams can only do this once a game.

-Players that will need courtesy runners, must have their manager notify the opposing manager prior to the start of the game. If not so notified, the opposing manager may deny the request. Each team will be allowed a maximum of 2 players per game who can be run for each time that they reach base. The individual who runs for these player(s) needing a courtesy runner is not determined ahead of time. It is always the last batted out who must run for the person needing the courtesy runner. Once the game begins and the full complement of 2 courtesy runners has not been used, if a player sustains an injury, an additional courtesy runner may be used. In the event a player becomes injured during the game and the maximum number of courtesy runners (2) have already been designated, a pinch runner must be used and no courtesy runner will be allowed. If a batter (designated as needing a courtesy runner) opts to run, or forgets to get a courtesy runner and subsequently runs, he will lose his courtesy runner for the remaining portion of the game. The offensive team that is replacing the courtesy runner has 30 seconds to make the runner change. If the runner is not replaced within this time period, the original runner must run and the right to use the courtesy runner for this particular batter will be forfeited for the balance of the game. The 30 second time limit will begin at the time the umpire calls for time to allow replacement for the runner.

2. Field Maintenance/Cleanliness

-All teams are required to help with field maintenance after games, and in some instances before games. This includes raking/caring for the mound and home plate. Smoothing of baselines. Dragging the field, chalking the field, making sure your dugout is clean, making sure stands are picked up and trash thrown away.

-Failure to do so will result in manage/player suspension, team suspension/forfeiture, and if the problem persist removal from the league 

3. Uniform/Registration

- All players are required to be registered with the league prior to playing in any game. Allowing an UN-registered player to play will result in fortifier of the game, offended player being banned until investigation is completed by league president and manager suspension. A second offense with in a season will result in team being banned from play-offs, third offense overall will result in team being banned from league. Managers will provide the league with a roster with numbers.

-All players are required to have a uniform to play as well after an allowed grace period.

-A team must have 14 registered and paid players to be considered a team

4. Professional Eligibility

-Any player who played MLB/high level professional baseball must be out of professional baseball for 5 calendar years from last game played

-Any player who played affiliated (rookie, A, AA, AAA) must be out of professional baseball for 3 calendar years from last game played

-Any player who played unaffiliated minor league baseball must be out of professional baseball for 6 months

5. Player movement

-Per national rules players may not change teams during the year or leave a team and play on a new team the next year without consent.

-The league does allow exceptions based on circumstances and if compensation can be reached, which may include draft picks, returning jerseys/equipment or financial compensation for property not returned.

6. Draft Order

-The draft order is determined by the play-off finish from the previous year, with new teams added after the returning teams.

-New teams will get the first set of picks in the second round only

7. Playoffs

-The playoffs are set by ranking all teams by winning percentage. The number of teams will determine number of byes and format will dictate flow. Format will be determined at the pre-season meeting

-Time limit is 3-hours and mercy rule is in effect. 15 after 5 and 10 after 7.

-If tied after 9 innings or time limit, 1 extra inning will be played. If still tied then every following inning will start with the last batter from previous inning on 2nd base (courtesy runner rule applies).

-Teams must "answer the bell" on schedule with their own roster, no substitutes from other teams or any kind are allowed.

-Every effort will be made to play all games but if rain outs/cancellations become a problem the board will determine if rounds need to be skipped.

-If a team forfeits more then 15% of their games their playoff status will be reviewed by the commissioner.

8. Mercy/Timing Rules

-Mercy rule is 15 run after 5 inning and 10 run difference after 7 innings played for all games.

-Regular season  will have a 2 hour and 45 minute time limit.  Play-off games will have 3 hour limit

-Games are to start on time, it is the players responsibility to be ready to play.

-Sunday games clocks will start promptly at scheduled game time or 20 minutes following the conclusion of the previous game if the game runs long.

-If a game has a 10 run difference it is stopped immediately when time limit is reached

9. Field/dugout rules

-Absolutely no alcohol or tobacco products within the confines of the field and if the field is affiliated with a school no alcohol or tobacco on the premises, period

-No kids or non-team personnel in the dugout for any reason during the game. The dugout is for players and one adult score keeper if they choose.

-Failure to follow these rules will result in a severe suspension

-Pets are not allowed within the baseball complex

10. Suspended Games

-In the event a game has started but later stopped by weather, darkness or any reason it will be considered a suspended game.

-Game will be rescheduled and restart at the same point it was stopped.

-If the game has completed 5 innings (4.5 if home team leads) it is considered final. Also if a game has been played for more then 1 hour 30 minutes it is considered complete.

-If a game is stopped mid inning and has reached completed status it will revert back to the last completed inning for final score. Unless home team has taken the lead in the current inning.

The main focus of this league is to have fun.