History of the League

Metro Tulsa Baseball Association (MTBA), an Oklahoma not for profit association, was founded January 23, 2005 at a Tulsa restaurant by a group of current and former members of a metro area men's senior baseball league to develop, expand, and share our love for The Game - in an amateur adult setting and for all skill levels. We were not alone in our vision with many managers and players coming forward to offer assistance though they could not be present at our initial meeting. For that, we offer our thanks for their invaluable input and support to make MTBA a reality.

Our six (6) member Board of Directors not only provide many years business management, sales and organizational experience, but baseball expertise from running similar baseball league organizations to winning multiple divisional amateur adult baseball World Series championships. We are committed to the players we represent and the communities we serve to build a fresh and viable first class organization that all will enjoy - derived through association and the spirit of friendship...for the fun and love of The Game.